Why I Love My Home – Small Space, Big Results

Debby has been a Pasadena resident for about 4 years. Let’s find out “What She Loves About Her Home”

Many home buyers tend to overlook a small home or lot size because they think they will be too limited in terms of what they can do with it or what the property has to offer. As you see here, our homeowner has an amazing space and has utilized every bit of it and turned it into something very special.

Open Up the Living Room

Like many houses, the front door opens into the living room. The living room features a cathedral ceiling opening up the room and making it feel much more spacious. Your typical 8-foot ceiling would make this room seem cramped, but the elevation makes this area a great place to gather and enjoy the TV or fireplace.

An Amazing Kitchen

There is no doubt that before the night is over everyone will end up in the kitchen. I think the kitchen is the soul of the home. Many of life’s most important decisions are made in the kitchen. And that is why this house is so special.

The kitchen is amazing with plenty of space, good lighting, extra cabinet space, and enough food prep areas to make cooking a pleasurable experience.
Why I Love My Home

Natural Outdoors

Selling homes for a living provides insight into what people like and don’t like. One of the very desirable features is being able to open your house up to the outdoors. This property features a back house or studio with double doors that open up to the xeriscaped back yard with fruit trees. it makes you feel like you are somewhere on a desert retreat.

Consider the “What If”

If you happen to be touring Open Houses this weekend, consider the many possibilities that can exist in the properties you see. Look for the potential, look for something you can create and customize, look to see what has been listed for sale and has not sold, maybe the ones that everyone else has looked over. You will find your inspiration.

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