Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Comments in 10 Words or Less (Huh?)

Words sell, well some do. I was browsing through properties listed for sale this afternoon and was amazed at some of the marketing phrases being used to describe homes for sale. In a word…Pitiful.

Agent writing a property description
A little effort and creativity might help
As part of the real estate licensing process maybe the California Association of Realtors could include a mandatory class in creative writing, marketing or just plain imagination. In our industry the term “puffing” is a word that describes an over zealous agent who is making statements and claims about the property that can be deemed an exaggeration. No worry of that here. In fact if less is more, then these agents are guilty of overkill.

So, in no particular order are the Top 10 marketing phrases that were pulled from the MLS and used to describe a house listed for sale:

  1. Beautiful home, in a ready to move in condition (ah yes, this agent sure understands how to paint a word picture. Are you seeing your furniture in this house?)
  2. Needs TLC, but perfect for an investor (nothing like a good ol sucker investor who will buy a lemon and be willing to pay more)
  3. This home is located close to shopping and transportation (bus stop and liquor store across the street)
  4. This property is sold in its “as is” condition (agent is euphemistically stating this property is a dog, and don’t even think about asking the sellers to make any repairs. A great job of reducing your expectations up front)
  5. Great opportunity, great view (everybody wants to buy a property thats a great opportunity, and throw in a great view to boot! How can it still be on the market after 45 days?)
  6. Please bring all offers (we’re trying to make you think we are desperate, but we will counter close to our asking price, thereby negating your low ball offer)
  7. Short sale price is subject to lender approval (actually this wording is required in this situation, it’s just not supposed to be in the marketing remarks. I guess they just couldn’t find anything else to say)
  8. Regular sale, no waiting for the bank to respond (this agent is being proactive. In a world of distressed properties and 120 day escrows, you can close on this one today)
  9. Good solid condo complex, close to all (I bet this agent must be on a minimum cell plan with 20 minutes a month, no overselling here. Just short and to the point)
  10. This is a great home for 1st time buyer (maybe a first time buyer would want it. I don’t think anyone else would. This phrase with the term “first time buyer” may represent a violation of other issues as well.)

There you have it. The editorial comments were provided to give you an insight into what the agent may or may not have been thinking at the time.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Comments in 10 Words or Less (Huh?)”

  1. You’re an excellent copy writer. We’re actually talking about that in this course in Barrie, and really loved your humour and content. Well done. Where did you learn that? I especially like the comment about “nothing like a good ol sucker” the real estate in the course are diggin it. Paul

  2. Funny list! Two other real estate marketing euphemisms which come to mind are “great potential” (which means “it’s a total dump, now”) and “cozy” (another word for “cramped”)

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