There is More to Real Estate Than Just Contracts & Escrow…a lot more

The Pasadena Real Estate Guide will soon begin to run an ongoing, behind the scenes look at life in the Pasadena Real Estate market. This ongoing “novel like” account will feature the issues, the emotions and the people that make selling real estate in Pasadena so interesting and uh, well exciting, to say the least.

The House of Pasadena
There's more to real estate than contracts and escrow

If you have been to an open house, bought or sold a home, you probably have an interesting story to tell. Now what if you do this all day, everyday? The House of Pasadena will present a fictionalized (or so they say) representation of the drama that makes this such an exciting industry to be in.

We have been privy to read the first few installments and it promises to be a very exciting introduction. Whether its buying a home, selling a home or working with an agent it offers an inside account of the everyday issues and turns it into one compelling story.

If you have ever thought about a career in real estate “The House of Pasadena” will be a great tutorial about what you can expect.