The Real Estate Tag Line

Trying to come up with something creative and memorable is the challenge of anyone in business. Marketing departments all over corporate America experience consistent turnover because they can’t summarize who they are and what they do in a succinct statement. Or they put together a belief or a creed that manufacturing and sales just can’t live up to, resulting in a bad consumer experience, because what was stated and implied was not the result from using the product or service, ending in dissatisfaction.

Think about every real estate agent you’ver ever met. Didn’t they brag about and promote their exceptional, unbelievable, premier, outstanding, and memorable service level? After all, you wouldn’t want to work with someone who offered poor, unforgettable, average terrible or lousy service would you?

But what “service” means to you and me, maybe different things. There is a tendency in this industry to take the broad and ambiguous and run with it.

What is the adjective du jour and the latest buzz words?

It’s very hard to summarize who you are or what you do in a catchphrase. Imagine every real estate agent as an independent contractor, an entrepreneaur. Trying to define your business in a few memorable words is an impossible task. There is not enough money available to create a brand of an individual. Service cannot be defined in a tag line. It is created over time just like a reputation, word of mouth or very happy and satisfied clients.

The Real Estate industry needs to do a better job of describing what they offer and what separates them from their competitors. In consumer products its called market segmentation. There is no shortage of some new product or category that addresses a particular need or desire that solves a problem, either real or imaginary.

Short Sales and Distressed Properties are a perfect example. Too many agents who have never had any additional training are taking listings of homeowners whose financial future may be dependent upon a successful short sale. The agent is tossing up a Hail Mary hoping they get the home sold. If you need knee surgery, do you go to your General Practioner or do you see the Orthopedic Surgeon?
There are far too many agents who take bad pictures and cannot write a complete sentence attempting to sell houses. But how do you blame the agent with a half ass-ed attempt, when the homeowner won’t hold the agent or the Broker accountable? Would you take your kids to a photographer who takes blurry or poorly lit pictures? Of course you wouldn’t, but you would be surprised how many homeowners trust their biggest investment to some clown with a real estate license, a cheap camera and a bad eye.

If we were in an industry that had more homes to sell than agents to sell them, then you would understand the mediocrity, but that’s not the case.

There are many professionals in this industry who do understand their fiduciary responsibilities and do a fantastic job. I tip my hat to them. For you other wannabe’s out there, keep talking about your superior service.