The American Dream Becomes a Nightmare

The goal seemed simple enough. Provide more opportunities for people to own a home. After all, home ownership helps stabilize neighborhood values and contributes to the growth of the overall economy. Home ownership is the cornerstone of the American capitalistic system; it symbolizes freedom and our right to vote. Its foundation can be traced to … Read more

Different Expectations of Buyers and Sellers

There is so much information available in the media regarding the real estate market. Its very difficult to open the paper or turn on the local or network news and not receive some information regarding the housing market. What is so fascinating is how the data is being interpreted. How the information is being digested … Read more

Why the Writers Strike is Like the Real Estate Market

Items in the news these days and close to the hearts of Southern Californian’s are the status of the real estate market and what is going on in Hollywood with the writers strike. How could these two seemingly different issues be linked together? How could they possibly have anything in common? Well as you will … Read more