Pasadena CA Real Estate – up2date Market Report for February

What if you walked into the department store and found everything on sale, only to find you not in the mood to buy anything. Now apply that to the Pasadena housing market. Many properties for sale have reduced their price at least once, in effect putting themselves on sale. What happens if no one buys? … Read more

NE Pasadena’s Declining Home Values

We have been chronicling Pasadena home values and the monthly median prices on a frequent basis. Since it’s always nice to put a face to a voice, it is also more relevant to see some actual properties that have sold and the resulting impact on prices. Seeing actual examples in your neighborhood provides a more … Read more

Pasadena Homes Sold vs. Homes in Foreclosure

There has been much speculation about the housing market and its effect on the overall economy. Discussion centers around the real estate market and housing prices stabilizing along with increasing employment and job creation. The question is “When is this going to happen”? Is the local Pasadena housing market better or worse than other real … Read more

Pasadena Listings Reflect Post Holiday Slowdown

If the real estate industry had a radar screen a few of the key indicators would be the (1) days on market, (2) current inventory and (3) the median price. Used individually these barometers can provide an “at a glance” representation of today’s market. When used in graph context, they can sum up the symptoms … Read more

Are Pasadena Home Prices About to Bottom?

Do any similarities exist between the real estate and stock markets? In stock market jargon it is referred to as testing the bottom or testing the lows. If prices hover around the previous lows without establishing a new benchmark it can be recognized as a positive sign. It may be perceived that price stabilization will … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate Report on November Home Sales

It was said many years ago people could look at the position of the sun and tell the time of day. Pasadena real estate is no different. Just look at the poor performance of home sales and it must be November. Traditional sales of Pasadena homes in the past have resembled more of a bell … Read more