Was June the Turning Point for Pasadena Home Sales?

It had appeared the momentum in the Pasadena real estate market had been building. Sales were increasing, buyer’s were becoming increasingly optimistic, and sales were beginning to move away from just the lower end of the market. The number of homes in escrow was increasing and stories were developing of multiple offers and quick sales. … Read more

Pasadena Home Sales Increase in May

Unit sales along with the median price make positive gains in May, continuing an upward trend in 2009. Predictability, which was absent in the Pasadena real estate market during the last two years appears to be making a return. Predictable that is, when the seasonal home buying months once again become the months of May … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate Market Feels January Slump

The optimism that precedes a new year was short lived at least where Pasadena real estate is concerned. Let’s face it, when it comes to real estate activity, January is, well January. This time of year is supposed to be unexciting and uneventful. From that standpoint the month certainly lived up to its expectations. I … Read more

Are Pasadena Home Prices About to Bottom?

Do any similarities exist between the real estate and stock markets? In stock market jargon it is referred to as testing the bottom or testing the lows. If prices hover around the previous lows without establishing a new benchmark it can be recognized as a positive sign. It may be perceived that price stabilization will … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate Report on November Home Sales

It was said many years ago people could look at the position of the sun and tell the time of day. Pasadena real estate is no different. Just look at the poor performance of home sales and it must be November. Traditional sales of Pasadena homes in the past have resembled more of a bell … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate Report for July

Hopefully Pasadena residents have inflated their tires and tuned their cars. If only we could put some air into the Pasadena housing market. As anticipated, the gap between unit sales closed this past month, closely mirroring unit sales in July 2007. If you recall from a previous post regarding Pasadena Upcoming Home Sales, I expected … Read more