Checking the Pasadena Real Estate Market’s Vital Signs

These new statistics provide a compelling story of the Pasadena Real Estate market. They provide two years worth of monthly reports that allow you to form your own conclusions as to the pending improvement or the continuing decline of our local housing market. The data looked only at single family residential detached homes. From the … Read more

Pasadena CA Real Estate – up2date Market Report for February

What if you walked into the department store and found everything on sale, only to find you not in the mood to buy anything. Now apply that to the Pasadena housing market. Many properties for sale have reduced their price at least once, in effect putting themselves on sale. What happens if no one buys? … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate Market Feels January Slump

The optimism that precedes a new year was short lived at least where Pasadena real estate is concerned. Let’s face it, when it comes to real estate activity, January is, well January. This time of year is supposed to be unexciting and uneventful. From that standpoint the month certainly lived up to its expectations. I … Read more

Pasadena Homes Sold vs. Homes in Foreclosure

There has been much speculation about the housing market and its effect on the overall economy. Discussion centers around the real estate market and housing prices stabilizing along with increasing employment and job creation. The question is “When is this going to happen”? Is the local Pasadena housing market better or worse than other real … Read more

Pasadena Homes, Key Housing Stats

The month of December has historically been a slow month for the housing market. Holiday parties, shopping and decorating keep many people at home instead of previewing houses for sale or even listing their house during this time of year. For those of you who have decided to put conventional aside, you may find home … Read more

Pasadena Median Home Price History

There has been much speculation on where the Pasadena California real estate market and home prices are headed. And also, to what extent have values declined? The median price has dropped, but to what degree have Pasadena property owners experienced a loss? Symptomatic of falling home prices are a couple of things: Supply far exceeding … Read more