Pasadena Home Sales in December, Not So Joyous

Retail sales for the month of December were released today. Year on year sales indicated a decline of 9.8%. A 10% decline in the price of Pasadena homes would be welcome news. Actually a 15% decline would be nice to see. Isn’t December supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year? Other than … Read more

Pasadena Home Sales up2date Review

I have prepared my elevator speech for the Pasadena housing market….”consistent”. There you have it, nothing fancy, and nothing dramatic, just a quick conveyance of an idea that succinctly sums up Pasadena home sales for the month of September. Consistent was derived by looking at the median price decline for the month, which just happens … Read more

Upcoming Pasadena Home Sales, A False Positive?

Pasadena home sales for the month of July are still about 3-4 weeks away from being released on a national level. Expect a reversal in the continuing bad news that has plagued the housing market for the last year. Why the change? Is it from the expected passage of the Housing Bill making its way … Read more

Pasadena CA Homes for Sale & Interest_ing Rates

When you hear the word “sensitive” the Pasadena real estate market is probably not the first thing that springs to mind. That being said, we are probably in the midst of the most sensitive housing market in years. Volatility will continue to reign, until time has a chance to cure the current ills. If you … Read more

Pasadena California Residential Real Estate, 1st Quarter Recap

Earlier this week we reported on the Pasadena real estate market and the sales numbers for March. Two things are quite obvious; unit sales are off by about 50% across the board. This seems to be true in LA County as well as California. And secondly, inventory levels of homes listed for sale are at … Read more

Pasadena Home Sales – A Three Year History

Used to be if you studied the real estate market at all, you could predict when the best time would be to sell your property. During the boom years of 2000 to 2005 the selling season would typically get started in April and run through September. This defined the true Seller’s Market. Put your property … Read more

Median Home Price Declines in Pasadena

Sales of single family homes in Pasadena, California continue to fall behind last year, but for the first time the median sales price declined to $725,000 in November down 4% from last years median price of $754,950. As stated before, we do see median price fluctuations in real estate from month to month, but we … Read more