Pasadena Home Sales and Market Activity

Buying or Selling a home in Pasadena? Would it help to know some facts about the current real estate market? Many other cities refer to the weather and state that if you don’t like it today, wait untill tomorrow. That doesn’t really apply here in California, since our weather is so constant. However I guess … Read more

Pasadena Home Sales for September

Beginning this month I am going to change how the monthly sales results are reported for the Pasadena Real Estate market. Instead of just looking at median prices, we are now going to overlay the price per square foot for the same period. Anytime you hear how sales are being reported in the media the … Read more

Was June the Turning Point for Pasadena Home Sales?

It had appeared the momentum in the Pasadena real estate market had been building. Sales were increasing, buyer’s were becoming increasingly optimistic, and sales were beginning to move away from just the lower end of the market. The number of homes in escrow was increasing and stories were developing of multiple offers and quick sales. … Read more

Pasadena Home Sales Increase in May

Unit sales along with the median price make positive gains in May, continuing an upward trend in 2009. Predictability, which was absent in the Pasadena real estate market during the last two years appears to be making a return. Predictable that is, when the seasonal home buying months once again become the months of May … Read more

Pasadena April Home Sales & Stability is the New Black

If you had to make an attempt at describing the activity for the month of April in the Pasadena housing market a few words come to mind……stable, holding, and steady. These words are a little misleading in the sense that they are more descriptive than they sound. Although they don’t indicate it, these terms are … Read more