Pasadena CA Homes for Sale Show Changing Market

Over the past several months we have been watching the precipitous fall of the median home price in Pasadena. While at first glance the numbers may seem startling and overwhelming, let me provide an explanation into what is happening. First of all numbers which many of us think are black and white need some interpretation. … Read more

Are Pasadena Home Prices About to Bottom?

Do any similarities exist between the real estate and stock markets? In stock market jargon it is referred to as testing the bottom or testing the lows. If prices hover around the previous lows without establishing a new benchmark it can be recognized as a positive sign. It may be perceived that price stabilization will … Read more

Pasadena Home Prices Boomerang

The word Boomerang is defined in two ways (1) designed to return near the thrower or (2) an act or utterance that backfires on its originator. How could this possibly apply to Pasadena home prices? I must confess that Boomeranging for lack of a better term is a label I coined myself. Simply because for … Read more