Creative Financing Gone Awry

A few years ago, the Pasadena real estate market offered something for everyone. It did not matter if you classified yourself as an investor, a speculator or just a homeowner, the opportunity was there to buy real estate with Monopoly money. The late night TV infomercials refer to it as OPM or “other people’s money”. … Read more

Pasadena Median Home Price History

There has been much speculation on where the Pasadena California real estate market and home prices are headed. And also, to what extent have values declined? The median price has dropped, but to what degree have Pasadena property owners experienced a loss? Symptomatic of falling home prices are a couple of things: Supply far exceeding … Read more

Pasadena Residential Property Sales Report for June

The Pasadena housing market continues to limp along on one leg. While this strategy seems to work well for Tiger Woods, it does not bode well if you are a property owner with a house to sell. Sales results for the month of June continue to confirm what we have seen year to date with … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate, May Sales Report

May was an exciting month with the Phoenix Mars Lander arriving on the Red Planet. Its goal is to look for signs of life. Was there water on Mars? If the Mars Lander somehow became misguided and landed in the San Gabriel Valley, would it find signs of life in the Pasadena Real Estate market? … Read more

Pricing Your Home to Sell, an Artful Science

Pricing your Pasadena home correctly is the critical first step to a successful transaction. Last week I provided solid evidence in a post regarding the Pasadena Real Estate Secret, that if you price your home properly you will (1) sell it in much less time and (2) maximize the value, by selling it for more … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate Broker Announces the Secret, Mankind to Benefit

The content of this article may be the key to your future prosperity. For it holds the key to what so many have searched before. The text is not based upon hearsay, not based on opinion, but rather predicated on actual data. In these days when everyone has an opinion on the anemic housing market … Read more

Pasadena Condominium & Townhome Building Boom

Looking at all of the new construction projects in town you would never guess that Pasadena real estate is experiencing a slow down. If you have made the decision to purchase a condominium or townhome then take your seat front and center. The catbird seat. You have many options these days. No matter what you … Read more