We Don’t Need $30 Billion, We Just Need A Simple Proposal to Correct the Housing Market

The housing market continues to dominate the news. This week the Countrywide problem appears to be just that, C-o-u-n-t-r-y-w-i-d-e. From coast to coast the problem just keeps growing. Looks like you will soon be making your monthly mortgage payment to Bank of America. Hillary Clinton also popped into town to unveil her economic stimulus program … Read more

Let Me Talk To My Manager, I Think We Can Get You Into A House Today

It is becoming apparent that we will soon know what the government’s response will be to the growing real estate mortgage crisis. In this upcoming election year, nobody wants to appear insensitive to homeowners possibly losing their homes, so many knee jerk reactions are being formulated. How will a plan of this magnitude even become … Read more

Foreclosure – It Happens

A few days ago we looked at the number of properties that were in some stage of foreclosure in the City of Pasadena. With so much talk these days about the increasing number of foreclosure’s we thought we would attempt to explain the process for a property that goes into default. To get a good … Read more