Seller Declined Our Offer, How To Move On

Trying to buy a house in this market over the last several years has been extremely challenging. Finding the perfect house that fits your budget probably does not exist. The next step is to lower your expectations and increase your budget. At best, you may just enter a different pool of buyers whose experiences are very much like yours.
Seller rejected my offer
Chances are if you have been house hunting, the agony of defeat has become a familiar if not expected consequence. Having your initial offer accepted on the first house you decide to purchase is rare. I would venture to guess it is even non-existent.

Nobody said it was easy, everybody said it was expensive and emotional.

What Makes Buying a House Different?

Touring houses for sale involves Life Planning. We can see our self through the art of visualization, living in the house, raising our kids, looking out the kitchen window, entertaining in the back yard.

Life unfolds in front of us for those few minutes and that’s when we know we have the right house.

Buying a house is a very emotional decision and we become attached to the anticipated outcome. Those few days between when the offer was submitted and the seller’s response can produce anxious feelings.

When was the last time you went to Best Buy and stood in front of the washers and dryers and pictured yourself enjoying the features and convenience of your new appliances? You probably didn’t rush home to call your best friend and let them know that your long search for the perfect washing machine is finally over.

If you are successful and the Seller accepts your offer, congratulations.

On the other hand, if you’re not the chosen party, how do you handle the rejection and move on?

Jim Fortin Podcast

I have been listening to the above episodes and he talks about expectations and outcome. The way I interpret this is that we become attached to the anticipated outcome and then we are disappointed when the outcome is different than what we had expected.

The initial repudiation is hard to accept and then the second-guessing begins. Is it our financing, was our letter to vague, was our price not high enough?

I have seen Seller’s reject offers based on the above and also I have decisions made on none of the above. As with buying, selling can be very emotional too. The old saying is that people buy on emotion and justify with facts or their own rationale. Sellers can be no different.

Everyone has their own story as to why or why not.

Be Patient, Your House is Out There

Here is one last anecdote to consider. Look at your life for the last 10-20 years and the decisions you have made. These are the agreements you made with yourself or partner. It is what got you to where you are today.

What if you made a different decision when you had the choice of A or B? How different would your life and relationships be today had you decided differently? I look at my own decisions and I think, I did not get everything I wanted at the time I wanted it, but things have worked out very well and I am one lucky guy.

My guess is that things have worked out pretty well for you and will continue to.

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