Sell Your Home for a Premium Price

Selling your home involves much more than putting a sign in the yard, taking a few bad pictures and writing some ambiguous lines of text. However, if you look online at homes for sale you might think otherwise. The real estate industry is full of bad marketers that can sell a house thanks to market dynamics.

Selling a property should include two valuations:
1) what it is currently worth, and
2) what can it be worth

Our initial selling discussion involves your ideas and timeline for selling and our ideas for improving the sale and marketability of your property.

Most homeowners are willing to do some prep work to get their home ready for sale, sometimes it involves investing some money, other times it does not. At least you should be presented with the option that states here are the things I recommend and if you do it I think we can increase the value of your home by $ XX. I am certainly not a big proponent of spending money if it does not return the amount of the investment and an additional 25%.

Having been in the business for 15 years, I know what home buyers are looking for. I know what items create a “WOW” factor and I also know what features in your home may actually work against you selling your home for top dollar.

Negotiating Your Home Sale

Most anybody can sell your home, but the skills in selling include making sure everyone is happy and getting you the Seller, the absolute most money for your home. Why can I get you an additional 3-5% higher selling price than other agents? The ability to negotiate is paramount in representing the Seller however, it is a skill that many agents do not understand or utilize.

I subscribe to the win / win formula, but I also believe I am being paid to provide the best representation I can. Think about this, if you get an extra $25,000 on the sale of your $800,000 home, how long do you have to work to make that kind of money?

My skill is making the buyer happy they got the house and paid you the extra money you hired me to get for you.

Suprises are Killers

Eliminating any surprises is a must. Once we are in escrow, the last thing we want to find out is we have some issue with the property that was discovered by the Buyers home inspection. Things like this can cost you money or even worse, can change the buyer’s mind about buying the house and they can cancel escrow.

Marketing with Photography

I have seen numerous articles that speak to the importance of photography. Real estate is a visual experience and it has been proven that real estate listings with numerous good quality pictures will allow you to sell your home for more money. Think about why, the picture tells the story, people are less impressed with the text in a listing and will skip over it to look at the pictures.

Here is a perfect example:

[soliloquy id=”10337″]

The pictures tell you more about the quality of the house that the text ever could. You can see the great attention to detail and the pride the owner’s had in the home.

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