Sell Your Home for More Money with These 5 Tips Under $500

Getting the most money from the sale of your home is the goal of all home sellers. With a few minor tweaks you can hit a few hot buttons of most home buyers. The goal is to increase the appeal and demand of your home, and also your selling price.get more money for  your home

Not everyone has the budget to remodel the kitchen and baths but there are some things that can be done for less than $500 that will make a huge difference. For example:

1) Create a Great First Impression – thoroughly cleaning the entryway and painting the front door. A new coat of red or black paint will dress up your front door and add a spark of color to your home.

2) Make your windows shine inside and out – One option is to remove your old dirty and torn window screens for a clear view of the outside. This makes the view from the inside so much more clear and unfiltered.

3) Install curtain rods and drapes in the living room and bedrooms – We learned this from our professional stager. Ikea is a great resource and for $50/window you can add style, color and fashion to any room. They look great and give rooms a warmer feel.

4) Add some area rugs – These do not have to be expensive, but they help absorb noise and also will have a fresh scent to them. Plus they are very versatile and can easily be moved from room to room adding different color variations. Area rugs are also great for noise reduction, especially if you have hardwood floors.

5) Get Rid of Stuff – A clear open space with accessible doorways makes your home appear larger and more spacious. Home buyers look at several homes before they decide to purchase. Make yours open and inviting. You’re going to be moving, might as well declutter now versus later. Don’t just stuff everything into the garage and in your closet, because those areas are inspected as well.

A Bonus Item

6) Brighten your rooms – if you have a low wattage bulb putting out low or dim light, add a new bulb that will really brighten things up. I have seen this make a huge difference. Especially in the kitchen. A bright workspace is much more attractive and appealing. Make sure the socket will accept a higher wattage bulb, but the lighting aisle at Home Depot is full of creative and new ideas.

Also when you search for lighting, look for bright white and stay away from the lighting that appears to be more yellowish in color. The yellow tinted light tends to make things look older and most buyers prefer brighter.