Real Estate Advice…Consider the Source


Who has your ear when you are selling your home, a friend or your real estate agent?

People love to give advice. Unsolicited, unwarranted, unnecessary, everyone has an opinion. Real estate is no exception. Almost everyone has seen an episode of “The Apprentice� or watched a 30 minute infomercial on how to buy real estate with nothing down and their eager to share their knowledge, making you the beneficiary.

Many times our friends love to give advice when we’re buying or selling a home. They like to share that one experience that makes them the authority on real estate transactions. Advice is dispensed freely, expecting you to benefit from their wisdom. Although well intended, the “advisor� may not have a complete understanding of the facts or the situation at hand. Nor do they have the background or the knowledge they need to give even handed advice.

At times, friendly advice and professional consultation may contradict each other. My comments are based upon a study of the market, upon facts. I can present current market conditions, and make recommendations based upon having participated in over a hundred transactions in the last few years only to have a home seller state “That is not what my friend says who just sold his home�(typically within the last 2 years). My question back is “How many homes has your friend sold this year?�

Every transaction is different. In addition to price and amenities, personalities and philosophies of buyers and sellers must also be weighed when negotiating a contract. Also, in many areas of the San Gabriel Valley, the days of a seller stating “You will buy my house on my terms period!� is over. The perception of buyers is that it’s their turn for a little respect. This is the time you need to listen to an experienced professional who has had numerous transactions in which to draw from and give advice. Advice on how to show your home, what to repair and how to keep the buyer at the table while obtaining your terms and getting your house sold.

Remember that a home is probably the largest asset most of us will ever own. It is only wise to trust an experienced agent who understands the intricacies of today’s market.