Preparation – 10 Keys to a Successful Sale

When it’s done correctly, listing your home for sale takes a great deal of preparation and preplanning. Our mission is to know your home as well as you do. We anticipate every buyer’s question and concern. Our marketing plan will specifically lay out our agenda and even provide you with a closing date. Call Doug Willis today at 626-755-0910

Frank decided to paint his house. He went to the home center, bought some paint and brushes, came home and began to apply the paint to his home.
Top 10 key items prior to listing your home for sale

Mary on the other hand spent a few days looking at color combinations, and power washed her home. She then began to prepare the surface with a scrapper and sandpaper and to fill the holes with wood putty. After that dried she applied a coat of primer, before applying the finishing coat.

Who had the better looking house?

If you have a court date before a judge, would you expect your attorney to just show up and wing it without spending anytime studying the facts of your case or preparing a defense?

Selling Your Home

Most people would agree, their home is their primary asset. What most people wouldn’t understand, is the amount of preparation necessary before listing their home for sale.


Furthermore, most would agree doing something poorly presents the opportunity which could easily cost you money. From a poor paint job, to an unprepared attorney defending your traffic ticket or a real estate agent who does not do the proper fundamentals before listing your house for sale. Preparation, research and spending the time to do the job right pays dividends, no matter what the job is.

A Successful Sale is 90% Preparation

In depth preparation lays the ground work for a successful sale. It eliminates surprises and makes the entire process run much smoother. Tiger Woods practices endlessly. Very rarely does he make mistakes in the form of a double or triple bogey. Mistakes keep him from winning and take money from his pocket.

A good real estate agent plans and prepares for the questions that will be directed at him / her during the sales process and knows your house almost better than you do.

What do you think will happen if your real estate agent makes a double bogey?

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