Pasadena Sidewalk Fees

Pasadena sidewalks offer a safe alternative to walking in the street especially this time of year. Having the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and cool weather is a nice alternative to snow and ice. If you do decide to get out with the dog, kids or just put on headphones, you are bound to have occasionally stumbled due to the uneven surface. It is most likely caused by an underlying tree root.

The City Giveth & The City Taketh

Pasadena Sidewalk

Have no fear and take solace in the fact that the City has a solution to this potential face planting incident. Now would be a good time to go out and look at your sidewalk. Notice the wedge of black asphalt between two blocks of concrete? Congratulations, you are now part of the solution, albeit unknowingly.

You have been assessed your share of sidewalk assessment fees. Most residents don’t find out about this invisible fee until it is time to sell the house. It just kind of attaches itself to your property and lies dormant until you decide to sell your home. It is part of the Occupancy Certificate program now referred to as the Pre-sale Certification program. It is generally discovered during the escrow process.

Just one other reason it makes sense to download our free pdf on Preparing Your Home for Sale. Knowing about this in advance allows you some options on how to better prepare for it.