Pasadena Real Estate – up2date October Market Recap

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”…Charles Dickens

The same can be said of the Pasadena real estate market. The market overall continues to pick up steam. We continue to see unit volume increases, indicating that buyers are returning to the market which is good news. On the flip side those buyers are opting for many of the foreclosures and bank owned properties in Pasadena.

Unfortunately we can not confuse an increase in unit sales as being beneficial. Currently an inverse relationship exists with the number of houses that are being sold and the median price. Right now as more homes are sold, the median price continues to decline as short sales and foreclosures are eliciting multiple offers.

Market Action

In a slower market homes that are priced in the mid price ranges ($700.0 – $999.0) are usually prone to slower selling times. The reason is many buyers and investors look for opportunities to buy below market value in the the lower price ranges. In the higher end homes above $1MM, home buyers are not as susceptible to the increased demands of loan qualification, therefore homes are more likely to turnover.

The big question to which there is much speculation is “Is Pasadena real estate close to a bottom?”

If the projected sales numbers for November are any indication, the answer is “not yet”. Of the homes currently in escrow the median price appears to be lower than what was recorded for the month of October.

Pasadena Homes Market Report

The enclosed slides break out the numbers for the overall residential market. Included are single family along with condominiums and town homes. The report is best viewed by using the full size icon in the lower right hand corner.

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