Pasadena Home Sales and Market Activity

Buying or Selling a home in Pasadena? Would it help to know some facts about the current real estate market?

Many other cities refer to the weather and state that if you don’t like it today, wait untill tomorrow. That doesn’t really apply here in California, since our weather is so constant.

However I guess we could apply the same axiom to prices, namely gas and real estate.

Sold Sign in Pasadena

We know gas prices are always moving up or down, and apparently real estate is no different. From steep declines only a few years ago, to a market that levels off and shows very little change in the last few years to today, where prices and demand are exhibiting signs of 2006 again.

Big Differences in Buying or Selling

In Professional Sports there is generally a huge difference if you are the Home team. From a couple of runs in a baseball game to several points in football.

Buying or selling a home is no different. If you are Selling in this market, congratulations and enjoy your home field advantage. You have earned it after the roller coaster ride of the last few years. If you are buying, be prepared you are coming onto the seller’s field, their stadium, their house. Be prepared to be the competitive underdog.

Sellers are enjoying a big advantage with low inventory and big demand. Buyers are not completely left out, due to the interest rate consolation, and their home buying dollar being stretched much, much further. But still face many obstacles such as multiple offers, higher prices and possibly finding creative ways to induce a seller with other concessions.

Anyway, the report is enclosed and would like to hear your feedback and your experiences.

Lastly, if you’re trying to buy a house, give us a call. We have some ideas on how you can eliminate the home field advantage and level the playing field.

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