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Pasadena Deena will help you buy or sell your next home in Pasadena, South Pasadena & Altadena!

Most post home buyer studies indicate consumers are generally happy with their real estate agent and would use them again, if, if, if only they could remember their name. Quick, what was the name of your agent?

Pasadena Deena
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Recall and name recognition are two key components to the success of the real estate agent. Referrals which are critical in our industry are highly dependent upon your clients, your sphere of influence and even a casual acquaintance remembering your name.

Pasadena, South Pasadena, & Altadena

If you are in the banking business, wouldn’t it be great to have the name “Cash”? And how about your friend “Joe” that works at Starbucks. Don’t forget Dr. Molar, the dentist. And if real estate is your profession and you sell homes in Altadena, Pasadena & South Pasadena, what better name to have than Deena!

Deena Willis is a real estate broker with RE/MAX Property Concierge in South Pasadena. She makes her home in Pasadena and her latest home sale was just last week in Altadena.

Need to buy or sell in The Dena? Who you gonna call? Pasadena Deena.

Not only does she have one of the best names in the business, she has an excellent ability to connect with her clients and find them that special home. Home sellers quickly appreciate her comprehension of how to market and sell their home on the internet. When 85% of home buyers begin their search online, shouldn’t your agent know how to find them? She does.

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