Open House Tips

Attending an Open House serves a couple of different purposes and these Open House Tips may provide you with a better understanding of how to obtain more information and help get your offer accepted. It serves the curiosity of the neighbors and drive by’s to see how you decorate and furnish your home. These visitors are easily identified by their comments such as; “we are just beginning to look”, “I am looking for a friend or family member who is moving here” or “I live down the street”. This is a great way for the agent to make some contacts and can provide an idea of what a visitor’s home could be worth. Plus more visitors create the perception that the demand for the home is high.

The second group of attendees is really the main focus of the article. These are the serious home buyers. The folks who may have made a few offers and had no idea of how competitive the market is.
These people are coming in with an idea of what they want in their new house and hoping to see how it compares with their wish list.

For all of you who are trying to work your open house schedule around your kid’s soccer games here are a few Open House Tips to get the most out of your property visits.

The Introduction

Introduce yourself – there is a good chance the agent hosting the open house will be the seller’s agent. Make sure you introduce yourself and if you have an agent you are working with mention who they are and what company they are with. Many buyers come in and are hesitant to mention they have an agent and in fact, they make the hosting agent believe they are not represented. Or they mention well we do have someone who has shown us a few houses but we are not really committed. Any agent who has been in the business a few years has heard this and knows you DO and you Will be working with that agent. So be honest and upfront with your intentions, You certainly do not want the seller’s agent talking about how you tried to deceive her/him at the open house.Open House Tips

Pre-Approved? Say So

Also if you have been pre-approved it’s a good idea to mention that as well along with the lender you are working with. This shows your intention as a serious buyer.

After the intro’s walk around the house taking note of the features you like and things, you might like to change. Does your budget allow any changes and updating are you going to have to live with things the way they are for a while?

Open House Questions to Ask

After you have looked around get back with the agent and ask some questions such as

  1. Was an inspection done prior to listing and if so, can I have a copy?
  2. What other reports or seller disclosures do you have that I could see?
  3. What do you think are the best features of the house?
  4. What would you change or modify?
  5. Are you aware of any structural problems with the house?
  6. Do you know of any issues with the roof, foundation, plumbing, HVAC (heating and air conditioning) or electrical issues?
  7. Have any of these systems been upgraded or are they original? and finally, ask the agent
  8. What would you do to add value to the house?

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