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Having a real estate license provides you a world of opportunity. Your options are unlimited; residential, commercial, single family, condos, etc. Just as deciding on where you will have lunch or fill your car with gas, your choice has to provide you a level of satisfaction and provide you with an expected level of desired value.

Questions For You

-Where is the focus in your office?
-Are you receiving the support you need?
-What is your broker doing to increase your skills and effectiveness?
-What is the Value you receive for the contribution you make to the office?
-Do you feel challenged and are you realizing your full potential?

As the owner of a up2date Real Estate in Pasadena, I believe our clients who are buying or selling a property, deserve a first class experience. Our goal is to represent their interest as if it were our own. Our sign in the front yard indicates a high level of trust you have placed in us and our goal is to exceed your expectations.

If this sounds like something you as an agent would like to associate with, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join us and share in the creation of some new and innovative ideas to establish and build “your” own personal brand.

Most real estate offices are not “you” focused as much as they are on having you build and improve upon the name of “their” company.

up2date Pasadena

Our idea is to develop the personal skills of our agents through a series of individual training and mentoring programs that improve prospecting, selling, marketing and business planning. These concepts are communicated with one thing in mind and that is to help you sell increase your USP or Universal Selling Proposition. This will allow you to better explain the advantages you offer and why someone should be doing business with you.

Our goal is to grow our office and we realize that to do this, you, our associates have to prosper.

To make this more attractive, we have also put together one of the best compensation packages in the industry because we also believe an agent should keep more of the money they earn.

We feel the individualized training we offer, along with your fast track to success, will allow you to reach a level of superiority faster than you imagined.

The agents I speak with typically agree on one thing, the brand behind your name doesn’t sell the house, YOU sell houses. With that in mind, why pay those high franchise fees?

Take a look at what up2date has to offer its Agents:

Focus on You – You improve what you practice. Improvement develops through consistent training, mentoring, role playing, and accountability.

It’s Your Decision – Some agents feel they have the self-motivation to accomplish their goals by themselves while others like to be challenged. Whatever course you take as an independent contractor, you chose your own path.

You may have a few doubts after answering the above questions. Give me a call at 626-755-0910 and lets talk. The coffee is on me.