Hillside Homes in Los Angeles

One of the great things about living in the Los Angeles area other than the weather, the beach, the mountains, the year-round outdoor activities, and the long lists of things to do and enjoy is the vast array of home styles and prices.

No matter what your preference is, chances are you can find a style to fit your housing desire. One of the more unique styles involves a home built on a hillside.

Hillside living isn’t for everyone, but if it suits your taste, there can be some nice amenities you may not find in other homes.

The most compelling reason to buy a hillside property is for the accompanying view it provides. In this area known as the Southland, which is characterized by its incredible housing and high density, it’s nice to be able to look out your window and see some open space.

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Hillside Amenities

Maybe it’s miles and miles or perhaps just across to the next hillside. At least your not looking into your neighbor’s kitchen window just across the street or behind you. Something about living upon the hill; it seems like there is always a nice breeze blowing. Not that you are up in the jet stream by any means, but there is less chance of trees or foliage breaking up the wind.

Probably for every reason you can think of for hillside living you can make an equal argument against it. The primary reason is that much of your lot may be unusable. This can possibly render your backyard obsolete therefore confining your activities to the deck out the back door.

Oh, and the swing set you promised the kids on the next move, well there is always the city park.

Just east of Los Angeles are a couple of areas that just may offer that hillside dream home you have been looking for. Click on the links below and start searching for your ideal home.