Focus on the Agent, Not the Company

buildingReal estate is a service industry, a people business. When your in the market for real estate services do you look for a brand or an individual? First of all, almost everyone has a family member or friend in the business, so lets exclude those people. However, if we do that then the story ends here, since so many people in California have a real estate license. That reminds me of a joke ” A California Highway Patrol officer pulls over a man for speeding and asks to see his California Real Estate License. The man responds, “don’t you mean my drivers license”?, to which the patrol officer states “No, I mean your real estate license, not everyone has a drivers license”.

We do not sell a commoditized product. A McDonald’s hamburger is pretty much the same no matter where you buy it. Service is a much more difficult area to maintain and define. In the words of a Supreme Court Justice, “I know it when I see it”.

Real estate being a service industry, translates into being a people business. So when you require professional services, look past the sign on the building. Most agents/brokers are independent contractors. These individuals are the ones who will bear the responsibility of marketing your home, providing feedback and advice, and who also have a network of other trades people that can assist with repairs, construction or inspections. It will be the agent that will be with you through the emotional ups and downs you may experience during a transaction.

You don’t get this from a sign on the building.