Early Morning Pasadena Walk

A walk through the neighborhood can provide a much better observation and perspective than driving through the same area for many reasons. It’s nice early in the morning when the weather is sunny and crisp, and traffic is still at a minimum. There are a few dog walkers out in these wee hours but for the most part, the usually busy Pasadena streets are uncommonly quiet. So my goal was to hike up to the local Starbucks, grab a grande and enjoy the last half of my exercise routine with a jolt of caffeine to see if I could discover anything new.broken water sprinkler

Cool Clear Water

It was a Tuesday morning and I was surprised to see water sprinklers running. The City of Pasadena watering restrictions only allow residents to water their yard one time a week in the winter months, and that day is Saturday, not Tuesday. Not only are the watering guidelines being violated, but the errant sprinkler is malfunctioning and shooting water straight up in the air and running into the street, one other watering no no.

The Recyclers

It also happens to be trash day. The one day a week when we can rid ourselves of the unwanted, unnecessary and discardable items we collect the other six days a week. Happiness is a clean trash can, including the yard waste and recyclable items. When the trash cans are put on the street curb the night before, everything is neat and intact, however when the sun comes up the lid has been opened and debris that was once in the can is now on the street. pasadena trash can

They come at night when you are asleep, just like the tooth fairy. Nobody seems them as they move up and down the street under the cover of darkness. To me it’s just garbage and I have done my civic duty to separate it. To them, its income and perhaps a way of life. While I certainly don’t deny anyone the opportunity to remove the items that have a monetary value, I do dislike the fact that they have to make an unsightly mess. Pasadena offers a recyclable trash can with a lock. My neighbor had one because he was tired of picking up trash from his lawn.

The Curb Store

Roads used to be for transportation, but these days you never know where your next “unique find” will come from. As they used to say…”one man’s junk is another mans treasure”, the curb now seems to be an acceptable place to discard those unwanted items. An old couch, a bar-b-que grill, an old chair or desk is now a free market item, available to the first person who wants to make a claim on it. Just haul it away and it’s yours. No questions asked.couch

The velocity at which an item will disappear usually will depend on how much drive by traffic you have and what day of the day of the week it happens to be. For those of us who were unable to rid ourselves of those treasurable unwanted bulky items the City of Pasadena has a deal for you. They will allow two free bulky item pick ups per year. Imagine that, the City taking your old unwanted items away for free. No more disgracing the neighborhood for a few days while your former furniture and appliances patiently wait for its new owner.