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Thanks for stopping by. You may be looking for someone to work with to help you buy or sell a property or you maybe you’re just curious to see my ‘about” page. Either way, Thank you.

First, let me say I had a wonderful childhood, and I can’t blame anything on Mom or Dad. They were the best. I once had the opportunity to caddy for Lord Byron Nelson and as a kid, I had my picture taken with Glen Campbell. How many real estate brokers can say that?

I have a very simple business philosophy:

  • help you realize your goal of buying or selling
  • negotiate hard on your behalf to help you achieve it
  • keep you informed and up2date of our progress
  • explain to you your options and possible outcomes
  • close escrow

  • Preparation is the Key to a Successful Sale or Purchase

    Real Estate markets are not usually evenly split and will usually favor either the buyer or seller. Either way, we will discuss our procedures to help move you in or get you on your way.

    It doesn’t really matter if you are buying or selling, a certain amount of preparation is in order to begin the process. I will consult with you and make sure that everything is in place, all of the documents have been reviewed and completed and you are moving ahead. I try to eliminate all of the anticipated roadblocks up front so that when you are signature ready, there are no delays. Surprises cost money and usually an increase in time, something nobody wants.

    Buying a Home

    This process can seem a little overwhelming due to the number of reports and disclosures you will review along with the home inspection process. We want you to know everything possible about the house you are buying along with the options you may have for making changes. There is nothing like adding your own personalization touches and we will discuss ways to add value and make it your own.

    Our current market is favoring sellers. Home buyers are up against multiple offers, no financing cash offers, and the process can be frustrating. However, there are solutions and options to help you find the house you want. It is not as hopeless as it may seem. I can give you the advice to get your offer accepted.

    Deanna J. Attai (MD, FACS) writes:
    I had the pleasure of working with Doug Willis both in selling my condominium and in buying a new home. His attention to detail made me feel that there would be no surprises once the contracts were signed, and it was very clear during that, he was working to make sure my interests were protected. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone buying or selling a home.

    Selling a Home

    Preparing your home to sell for the maximum price can sometimes mean making a few changes to add character and charm. Many minor updates can be done very inexpensively but can also produce a great return on investment. No point in spending a $1, if it only returns you a $1.

    If you have spent any time online looking at houses for sale, you have seen large variances in terms of quality and descriptions by listing agents to sell a home. I find it amazing that some homeowners list their property for sale and the presentation looks like it was done by a 2nd grader with a camera and a crayon.

    Our listing preparation is first class, we put a premier package together for the buyer which answers many of their questions and precludes any future surprises. Your home will be presented so perfectly you may not want to sell it.

    From: James C. & Janice K.
    Thank you to Deena and Doug! We have completed several real estate transactions recently and we know that our success is due largely to their exemplary professional services.

    up2date real estate- Doug Willis

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