Pasadena Townhomes & Condominiums Maintain Momentum

July was a strange month for Pasadena real estate. The reason….Sales of townhomes and condominiums outpaced sales of single family homes. Rarely does this occur. The market for townhomes and condominiums continues to prosper as new construction offers Buyers either the amenities or lifestyle they cannot find in a comparably priced home. The median price … Read more

South Pasadena Housing Market – July Recap

The South Pasadena Housing Market bounced back from its dismal showing in June to a more moderate pace. Last year the market took it’s dip in July, as opposed to this year in June. This is why its good to look at a minimum three month reporting cycle, so that the monthly volume swings have … Read more

The Pasadena Condo / Townhome Market – A First Half Look

Sales of Condominiums and Townhomes have performed a little better than the market for Single Family Homes for the first half of 2007. Unit sales have increased about 6%, as Pasadena has recorded 293 units from January through June compared to 277 units last year. New construction appears to be driving the growth. There have … Read more

New Construction Powers Pasadena Condo Market

The Pasadena Condo Market seems to be ignoring all the publicity about the slowing housing market. Unit sales were up 20% and the median price increased to $575,000 compared to $470,00 last year. If you have had the opportunity to drive through town, you have seen some new construction going on and chances are it … Read more

South Pasadena Housing Market Takes a Breather

South Pasadena is often thought to be somewhat immune to the typical ups and downs of the real estate cycle. However in June it showed that if the rest of the area has caught a cold, South Pasadena has the sniffles. June is typically the time we begin to see the Summer selling season kick … Read more

June Home Sales Posted for the Pasadena Housing Market

Find out what is happening in your neighborhood with regard to June home prices. How long are they taking to sell? Are they selling above, below or at asking price? Stay up2date on everything real estate. In addition to Pasadena, home sales are also included for Altadena and South Pasadena.