Pasadena California Real Estate April Recap

The Pasadena real estate market may be getting a pulse. After sales declines of 50% for the last three months, sales continued to decline but unit sales were of by a mere 28%, compared to April ’07. Compared to last month, unit sales increased from 38 to 51 units or 34%. Looking at some other … Read more

Pasadena California Real Estate Market Update for March ’08

If you have a property for sale and have been hopeful the market would begin to turnaround and show some signs of life, the March sales results will likely disappoint you. We have yet to see any sign that home buyers are returning to the market, choosing instead to wait and see if prices fall … Read more

Pasadena Cancels All Homes Listed “For Sale”, Lack of Interest Cited

In a surprise move the City of Pasadena announced today that it was canceling all of the homes listed “for sale” due to a lack of interest. Homeowner’s were instructed to remove all “for sale” signs on the property. Sales of single family homes have declined 50% for the last three months and the decision … Read more

Median Home Price Declines in Pasadena

Sales of single family homes in Pasadena, California continue to fall behind last year, but for the first time the median sales price declined to $725,000 in November down 4% from last years median price of $754,950. As stated before, we do see median price fluctuations in real estate from month to month, but we … Read more

October Real Estate Values in South Pasadena Remain Level

Even the South Pasadena Housing Market cannot escape the cloud that hangs over residential real estate. Sales for the month of October included 12 residential units compared to 11 last year. Since the small number of reported sales can skew the median price, we looked at what has happened over the last 5 months and … Read more