Pasadena CA Real Estate – up2date Market Report for February

What if you walked into the department store and found everything on sale, only to find you not in the mood to buy anything. Now apply that to the Pasadena housing market. Many properties for sale have reduced their price at least once, in effect putting themselves on sale. What happens if no one buys? … Read more

Pasadena Home Sales in December, Not So Joyous

Retail sales for the month of December were released today. Year on year sales indicated a decline of 9.8%. A 10% decline in the price of Pasadena homes would be welcome news. Actually a 15% decline would be nice to see. Isn’t December supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year? Other than … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate Report on November Home Sales

It was said many years ago people could look at the position of the sun and tell the time of day. Pasadena real estate is no different. Just look at the poor performance of home sales and it must be November. Traditional sales of Pasadena homes in the past have resembled more of a bell … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate – up2date October Market Recap

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”…Charles Dickens The same can be said of the Pasadena real estate market. The market overall continues to pick up steam. We continue to see unit volume increases, indicating that buyers are returning to the market which is good news. On the flip side … Read more

Pasadena Homes, August Sales Summary and Outlook

The manner in which home sales are recapped and reported is changing this month. Numerical data is probably easier to read in a bulletized and slide format. I have previously reported the monthly sales reports using a combination of paragraphs and charts. In my opinion, this new method is much easier to understand. Viewing is … Read more

Pasadena Residential Property Sales Report for June

The Pasadena housing market continues to limp along on one leg. While this strategy seems to work well for Tiger Woods, it does not bode well if you are a property owner with a house to sell. Sales results for the month of June continue to confirm what we have seen year to date with … Read more

Pasadena Real Estate, May Sales Report

May was an exciting month with the Phoenix Mars Lander arriving on the Red Planet. Its goal is to look for signs of life. Was there water on Mars? If the Mars Lander somehow became misguided and landed in the San Gabriel Valley, would it find signs of life in the Pasadena Real Estate market? … Read more