Pasadena Home Sales for September

Beginning this month I am going to change how the monthly sales results are reported for the Pasadena Real Estate market. Instead of just looking at median prices, we are now going to overlay the price per square foot for the same period. Anytime you hear how sales are being reported in the media the … Read more

Pasadena Condominium Sales Rebound

Most media reports are stating that home sales declined in the month of August. What the media is not reporting is that it is not uncommon for home sales to dip in August. Compared on a month to month basis, a seasonality does exist in the reporting of home sales. People prepare for back to … Read more

Pasadena Home Sales Increase in May

Unit sales along with the median price make positive gains in May, continuing an upward trend in 2009. Predictability, which was absent in the Pasadena real estate market during the last two years appears to be making a return. Predictable that is, when the seasonal home buying months once again become the months of May … Read more