Bungalow Heaven Home Prices

The name does live up to its billing. A news announcement this week proclaiming Pasadena’s Bungalow Heaven a great place to live begets the next question…..”How much does it cost to live there”? While the American Planning Association’s list of “Great Places”, doesn’t quite have the prestige of Money Magazines Best Places to Live it … Read more

Pasadena Ecohouse Project – For Sale

Have you ever dreamed of building a  Green home of the Future?  Here is your chance today! The Pasadena Eco House Project is for sale. This has been in planning for 24 months and has full approval to start building now.  The project includes: lot, plans and permits. This home, designed to be the first Platinum LEED … Read more

Pasadena Neighborhood Focus on Madison Heights

We provide monthly reports on the Pasadena real estate market and the current trends in home prices. Since Pasadena encompases approximately 22.5 square miles, there are wide variances in terms of housing prices and the neighborhoods in which they are located. If it is true that all real estate is local, then we are going … Read more

Sierra Madre — A Quiet Town by the Foothills

If your moving or re-locating, take a closer look at the city of Sierra Madre.  Sierra Madre is a quaint, little community nestled at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains– only 30 minutes from downtown LA and 10 minutes from West Pasadena.  Yet, despite its close proximity to these large metropolitan areas, life here runs … Read more

Neighborhood Focus: Lower Hastings Ranch

If you have been looking for homes throughout Pasadena and have decided that a hundred year old home is not for you, then welcome to Lower Hastings Ranch. Any frustration you have experienced with the Pasadena housing market, just might end here. Most of the homes in this area were constructed between 1949 and 1953, … Read more

South Pasadena Real Estate is “Just Right”

You may ask “What makes South Pasadena so desirable?” There are so many things. To begin, it has a great sense of community with 10,980 Households that encompass just 3.44 sq. miles. If you prefer to live in the hills with a view, you have the Altos area. If you like sidewalks with tree lined … Read more