Short Sales Seven Years Later

Short Sale agents

Short Sales became mainstream back in 2008 when financial markets decided that homeownership, no matter how desirable, wasn’t for everybody. Short Sales became commonplace. And when I say Short Sale, I am not referring to real estate agents less than five feet tall. I am referring to homeowners who could not sell their property for … Read more

Did Bank of America Push Home Owners into Foreclosure?

The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression was caused by Banks taking advantage of unassuming consumers, putting them in loans they couldn’t afford. This eventually lead to the fall of the real estate market, forcing many homeowners into foreclosure and the loss of their home; OR, No doc or stated income loans allowed home … Read more

Pasadena Short Sale and Foreclosure Home Sales

The Pasadena Real Estate market is showing some signs of recovery as evidenced recently by multiple offers and decreased selling times. However, what is the situation with Pasadena Short Sale and Foreclosure properties? Most of the media reports indicate that California foreclosure filings continue to decline. Are they declining because of the banks unwillingness to … Read more

Is that House You’re Renting in Foreclosure?

The foreclosure laws which have now become an opportunity to live mortgage free in perpetuity were designed to assist homeowners who were behind or facing difficulty making their mortgage payment. It was never intended to become a source of income or for that matter allow the homeowner the opportunity to profiteer from their perceived misfortune. … Read more