Purchasing a Condominium? Things to Know

Owning a Condominium is much different than owning a Single Family House

With prices of single family homes continuing to rise and become less and less affordable, maybe it’s time to look at an alternative. It could be time to consider a condominium. Condominiums (and townhomes) provide a great alternative to a Single Family home. They are usually more affordable, they allow you to start building equity, … Read more

Buying a House with an Escalation Clause

The Escalation Clause could be interpreted as real estate’s get out of jail free card and advance your token to “GO” or it could also be “game over”. For this example, an escalation clause is used by real estate agents who represent a home buyer in a multiple offer situation. In a Seller’s market the … Read more

Don’t Lose the Enthusiasm of the Home Buyer

does the sellers agent understand buyers emotion?

How does an agent kill a deal? How does the Home Buyer lose their initial enthusiasm of buying the house? Incompetence, neglect, unresponsive or how about just procrastination? Most would agree that buying a house is a very emotional decision. That is the difference between residential and commercial real estate. Commercial or investment properties are … Read more

Search Pasadena Homes For Sale, including South Pasadena & Altadena

Search Pasadena homes for sale

Home Search is an option offered by most real estate web sites. Most of the sites are similar and allow you to enter search criteria such as beds, baths, square footage and price. Our Home Search feature allows you to do that as well, but we offer another advantage many other sites do not have. … Read more

Hillside Homes in Los Angeles

One of the great things about living in the Los Angeles area other than the weather, the beach, the mountains, the year-round outdoor activities, and the long lists of things to do and enjoy is the vast array of home styles and prices. No matter what your preference is, chances are you can find a … Read more

Getting Your Offer Accepted on Your New Home

If you have spent any time lately searching for a home to buy, you know the Pasadena real estate market has been very competitive. With interest rates low and housing inventory tight, purchasing real estate is now synonymous with the laws of nature…..only the strong survive. However as a home buyer, there are certain things … Read more