I Thought There Were Two Sides To Every Story

If real estate is near and dear to your heart then chances are you have heard about the interview last Sunday on 60 Minutes in which Leslie Stahl ran a prime time piece on “Redfin”, a Seattle based real estate company with a different approach to selling houses. They run a phone bank based business in which they rely on the good faith efforts of their fellow real estate agents to do all the leg work. To hear them tell it, this must be the same agents who are to blame for global warming, high gas prices and the demise of the American Dream.

If you have heard the old addage “we lose money on every sale, but we make it up in volume”. then you would have to question the legitimacy of a business. Redfin claimed that they had an agent who can sell 8 houses a week. Poor Leslie, she just takes everything at face value, saying they could not verify those numbers. They must have had an honest face. Come on Leslie, lets quit being so lazy. If it were a Republican making those statements, you would have been all over him. Attention Journalism Students: Immediately cancel your subscriptions to the Leslie Stahl school of verification and journalistic credibility.

What Leslie could not do, Marlow can. Marlow Harris, a Seattle based real estate agent did a little investigative reporting in her local MLS, and found the statement a little eroneous. Imagine that, give someone their 15 minutes of fame and they will say anything.

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